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VettingGateway™ is a new background and employment vetting system, created by security software pioneers – IDGateway®. If you’re looking to get your employees working quicker, with the highest of security and vetting standards, VettingGateway™ is the right solution for your team and business.

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Get your employees into the critical part quicker. VettingGateway™ integrates seamlessly with AirportGateway®, the UK’s leading airport solution in airport pass management, this integration allows background checks to be seamlessly completed and integrated in AirportGateway® to safely and securely issue ID passes.

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Use VettingGateway™ to assist your organisation in ensuring you remain compliant with FCA regulations. Our criteria features allow you to finely control your requirements and restrictions to ensure all vetting requirements are met. FCA Regulations are supported out of the box to get you up and running quickly.

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Use VettingGateway™ to meet your obligations to conduct DBS and vetting checks ensuring your patients and vulnerable people are protected. With integrations with the DBS, you're able to collect all the required data, verify it meets the DBS requirements and conduct the DBS check all within VettingGateway™

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Improve your value proposition by using VettingGateway™ to conduct background checks on behalf of your clients. Our multi-employer vetting feature allows you to completely segregate your data ensuring security and accurate reporting to your clients. Optionally, you can purchase our client portal; allowing your clients to keep up to date with the progress of the checks of their applicants.

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Use VettingGateway to protect your customers and brand identity. Perform vetting checks, track offline processes (such as driving licence verification) and enhance your employees onboarding journey using our applicant portal.

Improve your business processes and turnaround times using our powerful platform. We provide extensive customisation controls allowing you to maintain and improve your own USPs. Our optional client portal allows you to give your clients an insight into your work, the status of their checks, and provides an easy to use platform for them to invite applicants for vetting.


The only platform to support an AirportGateway® integration

VettingGateway™ is the only software solution which is fully with integrated with AirportGateway®, enabling you to automatically transfer an applicant's data directly into AirportGateway®, ready to submit and approve an Airport ID Pass application.

An unparalleled feature set

We’ve built VettingGateway™ with the core focus of providing you and your teams with the flexible tools which are comprehensive enough to improve and support your existing vetting processes. Whether you're new to vetting or a seasoned professional, VettingGateway™ provides the powerful feature sets your business needs.


VettingGateway™ provides flexible pricing packages to allow businesses both large and small to benefit from a comprehensive and seamless referencing solution. You can choose a monthly or annual pricing plan and select from a 1-seat license to 21 seats+.

If you're looking to add to your package, you can select add on features or bundles at any time. From additional SMS and storage, to GSAT checks and UK Criminal Record checks, just enquire with our team today.


Ideal for small organisations with basic vetting requirements


Perfect for medium sized businesses performing their own in house vetting


Best suited for organisations vetting a high number of applicants with requirements to bespoke all aspects of the process

All Features
Email References
Online References
Gap Referencing
Auto Chasing
Workload management
Hardcopy References
Verified referees
AirportGateway® integration
Enhanced workload management
Custom reference templates
Multi-employer vetting
Bespoke workflow
Support & Service Management
Support Plan Email Only Priority Email Email + Phone
Service Level Agreement

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